Robo GPT

We make it 10x easier and faster to safely program a robotic arm for industrial use cases.

Robotic arms have been traditionally hard to program. Any change in environment or conditions requires reprogramming. The programming model for robotic arms has not seen any upgrades despite the massive advancements in many areas of machine learning, especially in computer vision.

We are changing that with RoboGPT. We have developed a cognitive programming framework that allows anyone to instruct Orangewood robots across use cases to perform a task with just voice or text commands, in multiple world languages. The system automatically takes care of all edge cases, including safety. The system is adaptive and continuously learns about its environment. We have custom-trained vision models and used fine-tuned LLMs to interact with the robot. RoboGPT is now live with pick-and-place applications!

ChatGPT Upgrade

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Despite remarkable progress in various aspects of machine learning and computer vision, the programming model for robotic arms requires long hours of programming for different environments. We are setting a new paradigm with RoboGPT.

This game-changing system allows anybody to instruct the robotic arm with just text or voice in multiple world languages, simplifying the once-complex programming process. Our framework is safe, inclusive, and highly adaptive to changing environments.

This revolution comes to life by harnessing cutting-edge advancements in Deep Learning, specifically in computer vision and Natural Language Processing". Our system excels at accurately processing auditory and text inputs, effortlessly generating the required intermediate programs. These programs are seamlessly deployed on robotic arms without the need for any manual intervention.

In essence, we're not just changing the way robotic arms function in an industrial setting, but also revolutionizing the possibilities of automation by making it accessible, flexible, and exceptionally efficient. Stay tuned for this exciting journey as we redefine the landscape of industrial robotics.

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